BENSÜS Kağıt ve Ambalaj San. Ltd. Şti. İs a corporation engaged in and carrying out prduction of food packaging while prioritizing customer satisfaction, aiming constant development and growth and moving forward with fast but strong steps within the industry. Within the field of food packaging, we render services to our customers with cake, chocalate and confectionery capsules, cake base and boxes for biscuits, cakes and baklava. With an approach based on continuous enhancement and mximum quality, food and product safety, it is certified with “ISO 9001 Quality Menagement System “, “ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System “, and “Global Standards for BRC/IoP Packaging and Packaging Materials” systems. Our state of the art technology and developing system are an integral part of our corporate structure. Our highly professional tean specialized in their field continue to carry the quality offered by BENSÜS Kağıt ve Ambalaj San. Ltd. Şti. To superior levels every passing day. Adopting a customer oriented mission, BENSÜS Kağıt ve Ambalaj San. Ltd. Şti. Determined its objective as fulfilling its customers’ expectations in an expedited manner embarking on the road with a 50% production 50% service understanding. BENSÜS Kağıt ve Ambalaj San. Ltd. Şti. Has been providing packaging solutions to the leading eneterprises in Turkey contucding business within the pastry industry with cake, confectionary, chocolate and baklava packing materials.

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